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Kahi attracted the attention of viewers through ‘아헤때’.

Since showing on Naver TV Cast on 22nd of this month, even though it’s Kahi’s 1st time being a lead role, she showed a matured acting through the character ‘Shim Jae Hee’. She had gained popularity in showing well-expressed emotions of a lady who had lost love in her heart.

Kahi is not only an actress, but also a singer, MC and now, a blogger. As she is receiving love for acting in ‘아헤때’, she is now preparing her album for a comeback in Fall.

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You’d have seen that the blog entries translations are stagnant now. Stuck on a couple of things on an entry and sort of just lost the momentum to continue. Most of the posts are food and food recommendations so it’s kinda like…idk. ;A;)))

Anyway, if there’s an entry that you really want to see translated (please don’t say all cus ima block you) please tell me. I’ll read through and get down to it when I can. ;A;)))))/ 


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Kahi’s reblogs baffled me ._.

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Translations will be slightly slower today because I’m busy at work. Will do more translations hopefully this weekend. ;A;)/ About 20 entries more to go. T^T Please bear with me about it. ^^;; Continue loving and supporting Kahi!!!!